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  • Innovative wellness programs in the workplace

  • Exciting pop-up classes at various London locations

  • Expert advice and guidance on keeping fit

Join the Pop-Up Gym revolution with one of our innovative wellness programs in London. We’ve created a range of pop-up services that are designed to get you moving whether you’re in stuck in the office at work or out and about in the great outdoors.

Get Pop-Up Gym at your office: a fresh, exciting and cost-effective corporate wellness solution that doesn’t involve installing a gym or expensive equipment. We provide a bespoke wellness program with a range of health and fitness services, all designed to be done within one hour.

Sign up for one of our popular classes in various London locations and join our Pop-Up Gym community. Our top trainers provide individual dynamic classes either outdoors or at our fully-equipped private Club 51 London fitness studios. Pop-Up Gym Classes are fresh and engaging, using cutting-edge techniques and placing emphasis on safety, fun and completing the challenge.

If you just can’t get enough of the Pop-Up Gym, you can buy the book which has all the advice you need to stay fit and healthy. Whatever your needs, Pop-Up Gym can kickstart your journey to wellness today!


“I believe that everyone is entitled to feel great and energised! Incorporating fitness activity into our everyday lives can often be quite simple and you can achieve great results.

Keeping fit has helped me to move up in life. Staying fit is not always about going to the gym, losing weight or having the perfect body it can offer you so much more. It is about having the energy and drive to reach your true potential as a human being.

That is what I’m here for! This is where I can help you to lead a better life. I will show you the everyday tools that will help you achieve your goals.”

– Jon Denoris

You always have the only tool you need to train, your body, and our mantra is NO EQUIPMENT, NO EXCUSES!



Plenty of exercise ideas, simple and straightforward plans for the busiest of people – wherever they are.
The Bookseller
Gasp … pant … phew … that’s enough! If anything can turn you into a chiseled whippet, it’s the regime of Jon Denoris!
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
An easy read with simple exercises creating great results. Suitable for all ages at all levels of fitness and you don’t need much space or equipment.
Tony Reeves, Entrepreneur and Vice-President of Chelsea Football Club
Running a busy, growing Media Agency, I need my staff motivated, energised and at their best. Pop-Up Gym’s refreshing approach is a cost-effective solution for my companies needs and delivers results time and time again.
Warren Johnson, Entrepreneur & Owner of WCommunications Media Company