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Our simple system will make your company “Battleproof”

and teach you how to manage your ENERGY not just your time!

At Pop-up- Gym, our team of Top Trainers & Health Professionals offer a simple and dynamic way to engage your workforce. Drawing on our years of expertise at the forefront of the Health & Fitness Industry, Pop-Up Gym Corporate provide a fresh, cutting-edge yet cost-effective solution to increase your workplace’s energy levels, resilience and productivity. Aimed at businesses wanting to get their companies in shape and increase productivity, we look at engagement and can therefore offer a much better return than simply handing out gym memberships to members of staff.

According to Jon, “the two biggest complaints from my clients are the time is takes out of the day to go to the gym and the lack of well-being in their workplaces. So, I decided to take the solution to them and create a total bespoke wellness plan for their workplace, to be enjoyed in the comfort of their office.

The recent ‘Investors In People’ survey backs this up by revealing that the majority of employees believe that their employers don’t really care about their health & wellbeing at all.  The solution?

  • A range of health, fitness and wellbeing services, all designed to be done in under one hour

  • Our small group classes take up the minimum of space required, with no need for expensive gym kit

  • Special corporate events such as Nutrition workshops or our popular ‘Firestarter’ seminar to give clients the most cutting edge information, delivered by top experts in the field.

  • Stay connected, stay focused; access to an online community for every member of staff with recipes, nutrition & lifestyle advice and interactive exercises, all moderated by a Pop Up Gym coach

Using the techniques that have helped the London Mayor Boris Johnson lose over a stone in a month, our approach is simple & targeted & doesn’t involve installing a gym or expensive equipment. Want something extra special? We can also help you build your own bespoke package with some of our innovative ideas.

For more information on how we can energise your workforce, making your people healthier and happier and resilient to stress, Contact Us Now!

We’ll send you our exciting brochure and provide you with fresh, cutting-edge strategies to raise the bar and create a life-changing wellness programme for your company.

Running a busy, growing Media Agency, I need my staff motivated, energised and at their best. Pop-Up Gym’s refreshing approach is a cost-effective solution for my companies needs and delivers results time and time again.
Warren Johnson, Entrepreneur & Owner of WCommunications Media Company