Top tips to maximize post-workout & burn more fat
One of the most important discoveries in terms of fuelling our workouts has be that of the post training ‘window’ still a little misunderstood… Basically after training you have a window of opportunity for fuelling that lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. During this time the body is more receptive and uptakes nutrients more effectively, it’s ability to repair damaged muscle protein (from exercise) & increase glycogen storage so that we can train again the next day are maximised. So, if you delay eating/refuelling you will get more muscle soreness and won’t be able to train as hard at the next session.

So what to have? This depends on training goals and has to also relate to your overall dietary plan, but if you are trying to get or stay lean & maintain a healthy body weight, then a post work out shake is often convenient, nutritious and effective. For example here is a morning training routine that MAXIMISES fat burning – I get my A-List female clients to do this…

The Plan ….

630am -7am Wake Up No Breakfast – You can have a shot of Caffeine OR Green Tea to ‘Kick Start’ the fat burning process – NOW make CoachJon’s Super Smoothie* (see below) to take with you to the gym /park etc to train.
730am TRAIN – I recommend shorter high intensity interval training OR resistance training (not just cardio) maximum 45 minutes.
8.15 REFUEL … Enjoy Smoothie !!!

CoachJon’s Super Smoothie
Handful of Blueberries/rasberries – fresh or frozen (if frozen you don’t need ice)
Handful of Spinach/Kale – healthy fats gives creamy texture OR spoon of GReens Supplement
1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein preferably whey and try for natural, grass fed I like
1 tbsp chia of flax seeds
2 tbsp of raw almonds
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 teaspoon VCO coconut oil
Touch vanilla extract / cinnamon

*you can add or substitute half an avocado for more creamy taste & healthy calories for recovery if you need

Blend all ingredients on high until mixture I smooth and creamy !!!