Top 5 reasons to stay fit
Gone are the days when walking or cycling was preferred over cars and bikes. With all the luxurious forms of transportation available to us, we find it fast as well as easy to drive all the way to malls and nearby stores. Needless to say, physical activity has been engineered out of our lives completely.

Staying fit isn’t only about losing weight but also about staying healthy. Physical inactivity can prove to be harmful for us in many forms and aspects. Being physically fit really means that you are able to engage yourself in constant cardiovascular exercise, because your muscles are strong and your body is healthy. Attaining a healthy lifestyle offers numerous health benefits, making it important for every human being.

Good choices would include cycling, dancing, swimming, jogging, climbing, walking, and strength training. A measure of an individual’s physical fitness can be made by the level of their flexibility, power and endurance.

Here are a few reasons why it is important for every individual to stay fit:

  • Life span

Would it not be better to perform physical activities on a daily basis as your health investment instead of contributing to your retirement fund? There is without a doubt, a great amount of evidence present online as well as in the books about how healthy living (in terms of eating smart and exercising) can increase your life expectancy! In addition, regular exercises can help minimise the risks of a number of infections and diseases. Exercise helps our body to release toxins efficiently that can prove to be harmful towards us and our health. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle can help an individual lower the chances of morbid diseases such as diabetes and hypertension!

  • Independence

Those who exercise in their life can easily avoid being disabled towards the end. However, those who don’t exercise, if they live long enough, are more likely to experience disability. In addition to this, regular physical activity can boost up a person’s confidence and sense of empowerment.  Remember the feeling that you got when you lifted your personal best over at the gym? You were sweaty, tired, yet it felt so good! This feeling translates into the way that you present yourself in front of people as well as how you are perceived by others in your daily routine.

  • Speed up your metabolism

Metabolism is the way by which your body converts foods and drinks into energy! Body metabolism can be sped up by drinking a lot of water, avoiding an inactive lifestyle, and daily exercises. Fitness training helps speed up your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass. An increased metabolism helps your body to use up more calories than you actually take in because of the increases level of resting metabolic rate.

  • Improve your mental health

Regular physical activity improves your mood as well as mental health. Exercise can prove to be excellent for your body as well as brain. Not only are you strengthening your muscles while exercising but regular physical training speeds up the flow of blood to various organs including the brain. In addition to this, a person tends to have a better sense of possibilities when he/she is physically active.

  • Look better

Last but definitely not the least, fitness training can help us look good and feel good! In addition to the overall look of your fat and muscles, a healthy lifestyle and physical activity improve the appearance of your nails, teeth, hair, and skin!